Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Area Yikes!! --Feb. 12

I'm in this new area and i feel like I'm in the states and it's not the Guatemala that i know. Im in zone 4 and there is a Walmart in my area, pizza hut, and just about everything that there is in the states. Oh and a payless shoes. I don't feel like I'm away from the states. My comp is Elder Azevedo from Brazil. He speaks Portugues and I speak English, but we speak Spanish so thats kinda funny to think about. He has about 1 year and a half in the mission, but i feel like i have to do all the teaching. He is a great guy, super funny, but at times he doesn't catch on to the things but its fun. There is only one thing with him that makes me alittle unpatiant. Hedoesn't  use his personal study alot so when im studding he is eating breakfast making noise but with alittle time i want him to help me so that he can understand and see the importance of our studys. I'm going to say this area is the riches area in my mission. There are people here driving BMW lexuses and just about all. cuff link shirts. its pretty crazy.
It was pretty hard to say goodbye to my other area. Im not a fan of that at all. The last night i was with a family called Barillas Artiaga they are my converts and their mom got baptized  this past saturday. I did not want to leave them but it was alright. I only cried in one house out of the nine that i said goodbye in, so im improving there. I've received a few things from the members so to close my suitcases got a little tricky, but its all good with my new backpack i fit it all in.
My area right now is pretty dead and its been stuggling for some time. Its hard to contact because its a rule of the area where there are security guards we cant contact. that kind of sucks. im trying my hardest to gain the trust of the members fast so that we can get working with them, but not to much has happened. i like my new area. I'm excited to work and all i ask is for are your prays. 
Love you!!
Elder Riley

This sunday we had an activity as a stake for all the seminary students. I was nephi in the beginning of the BOM. We had about 2 minitues to tell a story about 15 times. All the missionaries in the stake dressed put as a person and the event was called. Who is your super hero!?!?

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