Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Riley Proud --March 11

Well, the truth is the time flies and I don't know where it goes, but I feel like as the mission goes on the time will go faster.  With the bag it was for a family, the husband called me at like 10 in the night and asked if I could help his wife who is pregnant. She is super small, so i said yes and it kicked my butt it it's all good. It was fun. 

So this week I had 3 babtisms, in this picture the little girl and the chubby boy are the converts the other kid is 8 years old, so he is with the ward. The family was less active for 2 years, but they seem really happy in the church and the members are already visting them so im pumped for that! i still have 2 dates forbaptisms  this month so im really prayng and that we can get them. The family of 5 this week we didn't visit them. We always had an appoitment when they asked us to come but they said that this sunday they want to go to church with us so im pumped for that!! My neighbors are both RMs so they are pumped also. They said that they never accomplished a family, but its my goal. Today we went to the temple as a zone and it's my goal to go to the temple with this family. They are super golden. I had the babtism of A sistrer named Delfina, she is about 50 years old, but for some reason my camera wont let me see the picture i took with her so next week i will send the pic. I'm super pumped for this area, the members are getting better, we are finding more people and we are baptizing so im excited. Thanks for all your prayers and support! Love you!!
Riley Proud!
Elder Riley

Miracles do happen! --March 3

My comp and i and then the other is like the bag that we used with the pheseants and its full of food that i had to carry a solid 2 miles for a sister in the ward. That bag is full of rice and beans and flower. killed me!! im out of shape. 
Well this week was pretty good. My comp and i have 11 investigators progressing and the goal is to have all 10 babtized this month of march. If all goes good we will have 3 this week and we have a family of 5 so that is my focus. My comp loves to find new people but im trying to help him see that right now we have a goal that is super high and this family is the key. So thats what my focus will be this month.
Also this week we had a meeting with president as a zone and i had to do D&C 4 and our purpose and i can do it just fine but usually we say D&C 4 before our purpose but i said it the other way and everyone had a huge smile even President so i hope it was good. haha 
So the crazy story of the week!! A sister that is 17 years old came to church. We had never met her but she came and said I've been reading the Book of Mormon and I'm in 3rd nephi and i want to be a member of your church. Super crazy!! but she is under the age of 18 so she has to come 7 times to the church before she can be babtized but she is pumped so that is the miracle that happened this past week and im super pumped. She is almost like the story of alexander from my last area. Its a great blessings to know that the lord is preparing people for us. THis is his work and like it says in Alma 29:9 that the joy is to be a instument in the hands of the Lord. Not to much happened just working hard and doing my best to be 100% obedient. 
Love you!
Elder Riley

Golden Week--Feb. 24

 Thanks for the letters. Well, here in my new area we dont have a set time to write because the computers are in the chapel, so we dont have to go anywhere. it will usally be around 1-3ish so just prepare for that. ha
Well mom from your letter that is great that micah and micah both got first in wrestling. I cant believe that it was 1 year ago that i finished that sport it seems like a  good 2 months but its been a year. As much as i complained and didnt want to go to practice because i knew it was going to suck, i miss it. There are many times that i dont think that i can go anymore and im just drained. But just a quick look back and i look when we had to run the hall sprints and i get my self going. I cant believe im 1/4 of the of my mission already. The time flies and there isn't a day to loose but it all just goes together. 
 The members are getting better, from what the other missinaries in the ward have told me is that the memberes here always judge at first so in these weeks I've  been working as hard as i could. If you guys remember president put the goal of 20 new inveigators and this week we worked like crazy. WE knocked doors for 20 hours and we found 23 new, but for them to be new all we had to do was say a prayer, teach a principle, and then they had to say that they would keep the commitment-that was the hard part- but of these 23 i think we can retain about 12 of them. We found a family that is Golden and some youth that really seemed interested, so we are super excited. Now all we need to do is get them to church.  This week every night i crashed when it was 10:30 but the fruits of hard work show. It was a great week and i can say that it is worth it. I wanna keep the same work. One of the families we found there are 5 people in the family. The father about 1 year ago almost died from drinking alcohol to much. The family had a huge house and all the things they wanted. They had to sell it all to pay so the hospital could do the surgery so they moved to a smaller house in my area. We saw them unloading a truck, so we went and helped. We set a time to return and there at the 5 pm was all of them ready to listen. We taught about the family and it's importance and then the father said, "i really like this message how can i know what is true and what isnt."we read in luke 11,because they are catholic, where it says ask and recieve, knock and it shall be opened up unto you. They all said they would pray. i can tell that they are super greatful for their father in heaven who provided the way for them to keep their father alive. 
IT was a great week!!
love you guys alot and hope all is good at home!

Check this out!! 

A Test of Faith--Feb. 17

Family De la Cruz.. in english family of the cross..they are from my other area! 

so this week flew by!! the area is alittle hard, we had 3 lessons with members so its pretty hard. But im trying to work hard and keep up the courage. Presidnet Watts set the goal for this week that every area has 20 new investigors. The zone leaders are really pushing for the that. They told us it doenst matter if you have 30 hours of looking and 1 lesson with a member. The important thing is that we  get these 20. So thats the goal. With this goal it really makes me look and see where my faith is. The promise is that the field is white and ready to harvest. I know that president watts isn't just throwing numbers i know that this is something inspired, but at the same time this week where we had 2 new it's alittle hard to see that vision of 20 new. So i was reading and in 1 nephi 3:7 we know that nephi says i will go and do..becuase i know the lord never gives commandments to the sons of man without preparing the way. BUT in verse 5 it talks about how lamen and lemual rebelled and all that. President told us at times i feel like this: that i say something and you rebell. That kinda smacked me in the face because it's true. The goals he had set are from prayer, so there is a way to accomplish them. I told my comp that tuesday we are going to do a fast for this cause.
Not to much more has happened. Trying to get this area moving and keep up the courage. Thanks for all the pics and your prays. I know that if we are obident the Lord will bless us and more if we are obident with exactness we will see miracles in our lives!
Love you tons!!
Elder Riley
p.s this pic is of my first babtism this kid is named angel in the red. this family is super poor, but they love the church and they are one family that i miss from my old area.

New Area Yikes!! --Feb. 12

I'm in this new area and i feel like I'm in the states and it's not the Guatemala that i know. Im in zone 4 and there is a Walmart in my area, pizza hut, and just about everything that there is in the states. Oh and a payless shoes. I don't feel like I'm away from the states. My comp is Elder Azevedo from Brazil. He speaks Portugues and I speak English, but we speak Spanish so thats kinda funny to think about. He has about 1 year and a half in the mission, but i feel like i have to do all the teaching. He is a great guy, super funny, but at times he doesn't catch on to the things but its fun. There is only one thing with him that makes me alittle unpatiant. Hedoesn't  use his personal study alot so when im studding he is eating breakfast making noise but with alittle time i want him to help me so that he can understand and see the importance of our studys. I'm going to say this area is the riches area in my mission. There are people here driving BMW lexuses and just about all. cuff link shirts. its pretty crazy.
It was pretty hard to say goodbye to my other area. Im not a fan of that at all. The last night i was with a family called Barillas Artiaga they are my converts and their mom got baptized  this past saturday. I did not want to leave them but it was alright. I only cried in one house out of the nine that i said goodbye in, so im improving there. I've received a few things from the members so to close my suitcases got a little tricky, but its all good with my new backpack i fit it all in.
My area right now is pretty dead and its been stuggling for some time. Its hard to contact because its a rule of the area where there are security guards we cant contact. that kind of sucks. im trying my hardest to gain the trust of the members fast so that we can get working with them, but not to much has happened. i like my new area. I'm excited to work and all i ask is for are your prays. 
Love you!!
Elder Riley

This sunday we had an activity as a stake for all the seminary students. I was nephi in the beginning of the BOM. We had about 2 minitues to tell a story about 15 times. All the missionaries in the stake dressed put as a person and the event was called. Who is your super hero!?!?

I shook Elder Cooks Hand!! (: --Jan 27

This week was super great for me. I got back over 220 officially, so I'm happy about that. I didn't know how hard it was to keep weight on but its fun. I cook lunch and dinner almost everyday. Last night i made jello. Super yummy and i had chicken and some 7up. That's the good stuff.
The important and the best part of the week was tuesday and wednesday. On tuesday for the first time in my mission's history we met as a mission. We met in the chapel where my ward attends church and president talked alot about faith and how we can know if we are true representative of Christ. It was a great meeting and was super sweet to see all my freinds from the CCM on the day after we completed 5 months. This little time and has flown like crazy.
On wednesday we went to a different area and ELDR COOK came and visited us with some other Elders from the quroum of the 12. It was so great and once again Elder Cook talked about faith alot and also how we can know if we are searving with all our heart. I learned a ton!!! We heard from Elder Amado and in english that means Elder Loved. jajaj. His first words were smile!! his talk I liked alot. Then he said you Elders are to serious you need to relax. He talked about the happiness and how we can find joy and more joy in the mission. HE also talked about prayer and the importance that we teach our investigators to pray correctly. This was one of the best days of my life. Before we started the meeting Elder Cook asked us all to make a line and he wanted to shake all of our hands. This meeting was with Mission East, South and Central. That's alot of missionaries. He was super exciting. I was sitting about 15 feet from them! They have a spirit that i want to have!
BUt the crazy thing is that the monday before this week i read in Ether 12 about faith. THis week has been a faith week. Almost everyday all the appointments have fallen but it's the faith to keep working. The verse 20 something in Ether is amazing that says with faith miracles happen. And if we dont see miracles it is becuase our faith isn't where it needs to be.
Great week, learned alot, love my mission, and love you all.
Elder Riley

My new car!!! --jan 20

Broom broom only $23.00

This is my awesome companion loving my cooking skills!! 

Boy do I love black licorice!!!