Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Miracles do happen! --March 3

My comp and i and then the other is like the bag that we used with the pheseants and its full of food that i had to carry a solid 2 miles for a sister in the ward. That bag is full of rice and beans and flower. killed me!! im out of shape. 
Well this week was pretty good. My comp and i have 11 investigators progressing and the goal is to have all 10 babtized this month of march. If all goes good we will have 3 this week and we have a family of 5 so that is my focus. My comp loves to find new people but im trying to help him see that right now we have a goal that is super high and this family is the key. So thats what my focus will be this month.
Also this week we had a meeting with president as a zone and i had to do D&C 4 and our purpose and i can do it just fine but usually we say D&C 4 before our purpose but i said it the other way and everyone had a huge smile even President so i hope it was good. haha 
So the crazy story of the week!! A sister that is 17 years old came to church. We had never met her but she came and said I've been reading the Book of Mormon and I'm in 3rd nephi and i want to be a member of your church. Super crazy!! but she is under the age of 18 so she has to come 7 times to the church before she can be babtized but she is pumped so that is the miracle that happened this past week and im super pumped. She is almost like the story of alexander from my last area. Its a great blessings to know that the lord is preparing people for us. THis is his work and like it says in Alma 29:9 that the joy is to be a instument in the hands of the Lord. Not to much happened just working hard and doing my best to be 100% obedient. 
Love you!
Elder Riley

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