Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I shook Elder Cooks Hand!! (: --Jan 27

This week was super great for me. I got back over 220 officially, so I'm happy about that. I didn't know how hard it was to keep weight on but its fun. I cook lunch and dinner almost everyday. Last night i made jello. Super yummy and i had chicken and some 7up. That's the good stuff.
The important and the best part of the week was tuesday and wednesday. On tuesday for the first time in my mission's history we met as a mission. We met in the chapel where my ward attends church and president talked alot about faith and how we can know if we are true representative of Christ. It was a great meeting and was super sweet to see all my freinds from the CCM on the day after we completed 5 months. This little time and has flown like crazy.
On wednesday we went to a different area and ELDR COOK came and visited us with some other Elders from the quroum of the 12. It was so great and once again Elder Cook talked about faith alot and also how we can know if we are searving with all our heart. I learned a ton!!! We heard from Elder Amado and in english that means Elder Loved. jajaj. His first words were smile!! his talk I liked alot. Then he said you Elders are to serious you need to relax. He talked about the happiness and how we can find joy and more joy in the mission. HE also talked about prayer and the importance that we teach our investigators to pray correctly. This was one of the best days of my life. Before we started the meeting Elder Cook asked us all to make a line and he wanted to shake all of our hands. This meeting was with Mission East, South and Central. That's alot of missionaries. He was super exciting. I was sitting about 15 feet from them! They have a spirit that i want to have!
BUt the crazy thing is that the monday before this week i read in Ether 12 about faith. THis week has been a faith week. Almost everyday all the appointments have fallen but it's the faith to keep working. The verse 20 something in Ether is amazing that says with faith miracles happen. And if we dont see miracles it is becuase our faith isn't where it needs to be.
Great week, learned alot, love my mission, and love you all.
Elder Riley

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