Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Golden Week--Feb. 24

 Thanks for the letters. Well, here in my new area we dont have a set time to write because the computers are in the chapel, so we dont have to go anywhere. it will usally be around 1-3ish so just prepare for that. ha
Well mom from your letter that is great that micah and micah both got first in wrestling. I cant believe that it was 1 year ago that i finished that sport it seems like a  good 2 months but its been a year. As much as i complained and didnt want to go to practice because i knew it was going to suck, i miss it. There are many times that i dont think that i can go anymore and im just drained. But just a quick look back and i look when we had to run the hall sprints and i get my self going. I cant believe im 1/4 of the of my mission already. The time flies and there isn't a day to loose but it all just goes together. 
 The members are getting better, from what the other missinaries in the ward have told me is that the memberes here always judge at first so in these weeks I've  been working as hard as i could. If you guys remember president put the goal of 20 new inveigators and this week we worked like crazy. WE knocked doors for 20 hours and we found 23 new, but for them to be new all we had to do was say a prayer, teach a principle, and then they had to say that they would keep the commitment-that was the hard part- but of these 23 i think we can retain about 12 of them. We found a family that is Golden and some youth that really seemed interested, so we are super excited. Now all we need to do is get them to church.  This week every night i crashed when it was 10:30 but the fruits of hard work show. It was a great week and i can say that it is worth it. I wanna keep the same work. One of the families we found there are 5 people in the family. The father about 1 year ago almost died from drinking alcohol to much. The family had a huge house and all the things they wanted. They had to sell it all to pay so the hospital could do the surgery so they moved to a smaller house in my area. We saw them unloading a truck, so we went and helped. We set a time to return and there at the 5 pm was all of them ready to listen. We taught about the family and it's importance and then the father said, "i really like this message how can i know what is true and what isnt."we read in luke 11,because they are catholic, where it says ask and recieve, knock and it shall be opened up unto you. They all said they would pray. i can tell that they are super greatful for their father in heaven who provided the way for them to keep their father alive. 
IT was a great week!!
love you guys alot and hope all is good at home!

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