Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Test of Faith--Feb. 17

Family De la Cruz.. in english family of the cross..they are from my other area! 

so this week flew by!! the area is alittle hard, we had 3 lessons with members so its pretty hard. But im trying to work hard and keep up the courage. Presidnet Watts set the goal for this week that every area has 20 new investigors. The zone leaders are really pushing for the that. They told us it doenst matter if you have 30 hours of looking and 1 lesson with a member. The important thing is that we  get these 20. So thats the goal. With this goal it really makes me look and see where my faith is. The promise is that the field is white and ready to harvest. I know that president watts isn't just throwing numbers i know that this is something inspired, but at the same time this week where we had 2 new it's alittle hard to see that vision of 20 new. So i was reading and in 1 nephi 3:7 we know that nephi says i will go and do..becuase i know the lord never gives commandments to the sons of man without preparing the way. BUT in verse 5 it talks about how lamen and lemual rebelled and all that. President told us at times i feel like this: that i say something and you rebell. That kinda smacked me in the face because it's true. The goals he had set are from prayer, so there is a way to accomplish them. I told my comp that tuesday we are going to do a fast for this cause.
Not to much more has happened. Trying to get this area moving and keep up the courage. Thanks for all the pics and your prays. I know that if we are obident the Lord will bless us and more if we are obident with exactness we will see miracles in our lives!
Love you tons!!
Elder Riley
p.s this pic is of my first babtism this kid is named angel in the red. this family is super poor, but they love the church and they are one family that i miss from my old area.

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