Monday, December 30, 2013


(I don't have his past letters) 

Dec. 30 
how are yall all doing?. hope christmas was great and it was the best gift to get to talk to all you! I love each and everyone of you so much! 
How are you doing in reading the book of mormon everyday? and least one verse.?

Well this week has been great for me here. We will start the day of christmas. So it was like the best thing ever and probably one of my favorite christmass of my life. yes i am like 5 hours away in airplane but that day and those two hours that we skyped i felt like i was with yall. It was so great to hear all your voices and seee your smiling faces. Its super nice to see my family and hear them. When i have a bad day i always go to my photo book mom made me and look at all the family smiling and it always remindes me that yes I am the only Riley here in Guatemala but yall are here with me in heart. I know this is true. So after christmas talking with yall my comp was sick so we went to the house and he slept. i didnt want to sleep because i didnt have a reason. So i studied almost all of 3rd nephi. i might say that third nephi is my favortie book. I read chapter 11 like 3 times to really drill all the doctrine in my mind. i love the example of the wise man and the rain and the rocks. ITs 100% true. what i shared with you guys in the 25 i know is 100% true and only through those things we can live as a family forever in the presence of our heavenly father. It was so great to spend the whole day reading the scriptures and listen to the motab. IT wasn't super eventful day but it was legit. This week was pretty slow with lessons. For one my comp was sick all week so we would only work 5 hoursa day  becuase we was throwing up from eating one tamalli. Not sure how that happens becuse he is latino but i  love those things. lol. This week we did find 2 new familys to teach and they are both super good. This week we want to put a baptismal  date with both families. ITs great. The ward is kinda getting started to work with us but its hard to work with them when we always ask them and always say.. im to busy. in d&c 11 we read in one of the last verses and we must work in the lords vineyard to have our salvation. Its a powerful scripture.