Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jan 17 -- What a Great Week Jack!

This week flew by and it was a great one! Last monday we went hiking like I told you andI have  photos so i will send some after this weeks email! I also baught a backpack. It was super cheap like all the things and its great. I didnt have a problem with the side one but i decided to buy a normal backpack. 
This past week we had interviews with President Watts. I can honelty say I've never met a man that has the spirit so strong in his presence and has such love for all. I still don't  know President very well but it seems that when we talk he knows almost everything about me. Super Crazy! He is a great man and i love him. His wife does scare me a little with how crazy she is. She like grabbed my backpack and drug me into the room where we talked. The heart that this woman has for all her children is amazing! She just wanted to know about my health and gave me a cook book so i can gaina little  weight back which i have. I'm back to 220 so im pretty happy and I think i'll stay here for the rest of my mission, I hope. Sister Watts is so great.

We did get a new phone this week and our numbers are so great. We have been conctacing like crazy and now that we can call and organize our time we can actuallly work effectively. The phone is crucial here because people, most of the time, don't remember that they had anappointment  with us.  Well we are working hard like always and there are times that I feel I'm not working and not stressed with the language and it's amazing to just relax and share pamphlets  with everyone. 
Dad how was your talk? I'm really missing the snow.  I'm already sweating again. 
Love you all!!
Elder Riley

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