Sunday, November 17, 2013

My first baptism!!

October 14, 2013 
I love it here!! It rains all night, so I hear the rain on the tin roof!! It is a little hard not knowing what people are saying, but I know the lord will bless me. I think I'm loosing weight now here in the feild. 3 meals of beans, eggs with 3 torillas, and ALOT of walking. he works so hard help me with whatever. The best trainer i could ask for. He wants to learn english so much so in the house we only speak engish and in the feild only spanish- He is awesome. He is very well off and has everything he needs.

The poly kid is from hawaii his name is Hunter Vincent. I was at walmart and ran into him, but right now Walnart is not in my area so I can't go there. There is a member here that can take american money and transfer it to guatemalal and buy stuff for me.

So a typical day.. Wake up 6:30 work out till 6:50.. use a bucket every other day cause the shower doesn't work. Breakfast at the comedor..a lady feeds us every meal we want for 10 quets. About 1.15 in american money.  Study until 11 thats personal, companiship, tranining, and idioma. Then we work street contacting until lunch at 1 ish. We then have lessons till 9 the ward memberes are awesome and we have a awesome ward mission leader. 

My area is alittle rough after about 6. I cant wear my name badge after 6pm. But its all good. For smaller white people it is dangerous but for me since im the biggest in the zone its not to bad. 

Then best part of my week was i had my first babtism!!!!!! Angel Marroquin. He is 9 years old and his family was less active. Angel was babtized and his family, is going back to church. It was such an awesome feeling to see that. I feel like  real missionary. 

We have three more dates for this month so me and my comp are working our tales off to get them. 

2 crazy things. First I had exchanges with a elder prom panama. They speak so fast so it was really hard to understand but i got through the day. The next day I ate steamed beats for dinner. That was a killer!! And the other was cucumber with lime.. The food is crazy and I think the taste buds here and in north america are really different. I love you!!!

Elder Riley

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