Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hey Jack - Oct. 28

This week has been awesome, but hard at the same time. I had another babtism of a little girl named Melanie she is nine years old, her uncle fredy babtisded her, It is alwayts bettter to have family babtise. My spanish is definitly improving all the time. at times i stuggle to understand but i know the lord had a plan for my language and will help me with my work. 

Satueday night here in the city in my area was crazy. Justin beber was in concert the street was full of people and nobdoy was home,. everyone was in the street wating for him to start those who couldnt pay for a ticket sat in the street and listened. IT was hard to do work that night and day. At two in the afternnoon the street was fiulled and he didnt show up until eight... six hours of girls screeming. 

You will be proud of me. I eat all my vegis all the tomatoas and almoist evertthing i get, it is hard but eggs beens and a tortoea are pretty nice. i am loosing weight i can tell becasue if i walk without my belt my pants fall.

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