Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mountains to Climb Nov. 18

Well this is week has been awesome and also one of the hardest weeks. Good first.  I had the babtism of the young man alexander who is 24 years old. It was such a great eperiacne to see someone who isnt a youth the change there life. It was kinda my first babtism where they werent surrounded my memeber. We didn't have to many people at the babtism but it didn't matter. Alexander only wanted to be babtized because he knew it was the right thing to do. After he was babtized he got up and bore his testimony. It was oh so simple but very sincere. He is just great to his heavenly father for all he has been given. He doesn't have the support from his family but he knows that the lord will always listen to him and that is what Heavenly Father wants from him. 
   On sunday he was comfirmed a member. The patriach perfomred and the ordinace and me and my comp stood in.  Also on sunday we had the primary prgram. IT was so awesome and definitly what i needed. The songs are the same here. I couldn't understsand the kids singing but i knew the songs in engish and i love it. The spirit was so strong! It is amazing the tesimony and the humilty we learn from the little kids. The son of the bishop got up and his line was amazing! HE said. mommy pappi, guide me, show me what i must do. i know you know, im putting my trust in you. I love you mommy and pappi. These where his words. These words hit my heart! I didn't really think about the rest of the program. Their words were in my head and weren't leaving. I want to say mom and dad. Thank you for guidding me to where i am now. I know you know that this is what i need and i hope feel the love of our Lord Jesus Christ everyday. Thank you for being the exampes in my life. I know that if i followed i would be happy. This is what i have tried to do. I love you mom and dad! 

    This week was alittle hard though. I can tell that i can understand the poeple alot more. i know what i need to say, its just to get the words out of my mouth is so hard. I know the words but many times and i cant speak. It is so hard at times but i know this is a trail of my faith that the lord put in my way to strengthen me. This is why we have trials and they are hard but we can overcome them with the help of the lords. I must say that the plack that says, Finishers Wanted is a huge blessing that i have to have that on my desk. There are many times when i just feel hopeless but when i read this plack i know that my dad and my brothers felt the same way that i am feeling and if they fulliled a faithful mission so can I. 

It is such a blesssing i have to be a missionary right now. The lord is hastening his work but so is satan. Satan knows the weakeness of our investigators and is drilling them. BUt i know with the help of the lord we have more power. 
I love you!
Elder Riley

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