Sunday, November 24, 2013

My birthday week Nov. 11

I dont ever spend much money of my own. Usually its all the mission money.I haven't baught anything that is for me. so im doing good. The president said if you have extra money use it for what you need. he said to buy things to help you teach so i have a few picture books. 
This week I had the babtism of a young kid. The family is all very active and he has been going to church  since birth but his father lives in the usa so he hasnt been babtized. He is 11 years old and  his dad finally said that he needs the help of the spirit in his life and he needs to be babtized so we had the chance to do it. IT was awesome to have a huge family and to feel the spirit so strong at this babtism. This family is pretty much my family here in my  area. They are so much like our fmaily. Always busy, always talking loud and always going different directions. I love them.

I had my first encounter with someone who wanted my money luckly i had a few quets, which is the money here to give the driunk dude. If they dont get money they just take our bags so i always cary about 5 quets. 
The weather here is aweome i guess it is hot here in the capitiol right now and its going to get cold. i love the weather. ITs almost always blue skys and the clouds are just beautiful. I do sweat but im pretty sure thats just a family thing. 
Sorry i didnt tell about alexander. alexander is a golden investigtor. We were walking down the street when he stopped us and asked if we were members of the Mormon church. I ask what he knew about us. HE said not alot but he wants to know the chapel and see what the church is like. we gave him a tour and set a time for the first discussion. He accepted that babtism commitment that i extended and he is just awesome. He reads the book of mormon all day. We met him 2 weeks ago and he is getting babtized this week. I am so excited. His family isn't the most supportive of him but is all for the gospel. HE calles me the giant angel. He knows so much and always when we explain something even before we start to tell him and share scriptures about blessings he said and these are the blessing i think we receive. He is a genius
. I am so thankful for this man. We have one family that has a past with alcohol and alot of it. they have a goal for the 30th of this month for babtism. Family Varias. If you could pray that they could feel the support that the lord has for them that would be muchly appreciated. My district spoilled me today with food and all. i had beans torillas and STEAK! Its the fullest ive been since i left. i love my district leader. He is going home in decimber but he is such a great man and i want to be the missionary he is.
Love you!!
Elder Riley

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