Sunday, November 24, 2013

My temple week!! Nov. 4

Hey don't worry about the packages I'm doing great here. I haven't ran out of anything so I'm good. I don't need anything here in this area I kinda have a walmart soI'm  doing good.. I dont know if they take American money or not but im good. I found a scale today and if i loose 5 more pounds I will have lost 20 pounds. I don't feel super hungry, and it is a blessing from the lord that i don't feel hunger. I feel great though. 
The plan the our mission has is all with members so we try to support the members }. We have the job to look for 3 hours everyday. 1 hour with a leader of a organzation and 1 hour for any member and then the last only my comp and I. I love missionary work when we have a member in the lession. Its always goes so much better I feel they help the investigator feel more comfertable. I usually have a hour of language study in the mornings but when we have meetings i don't get the hour of language. Im trying to wake up at 530 so i can study more. It is a rule that goes if we have a hispanic comp and they want to speak english in the house they we speak english. 
Right now we have about 8 progressive investigators in our pool. It is pretty hard to keep them keeping commitments, but we pray for them always for the help of the lord to help them.  I had the chance to go the temple today with my zone. It was all in spanish but i understood alot of what was said. It is the old video but it is great. I love the temple because i always feel the spirit and feel so much closer to god in the temple. 

Love you,
Elder Riley 

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