Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Hey! This week has flown by! It is crazy how fast time goes! This week has been super awesome. I can understand more and more about the language. I learned how to do a street contact and place a Book of Mormon in spanish so that was super cool. I didn't even need a script.i talk super slow but I gotta start somewhere so I'm super excited.
Yes the investigator thing was fake, but they do it to all the new missionaries besides the hispanos because they are only here for 2 weeks.  She is now my teacher and I love her teaching so much. My teachers are very patient with me. I do have a hard time memorizing things like D&C 4 in spanish.. it is a killer,  but it a challenge and I will beat it. My  companion and I are working hard and about every 3 days we try to only speak spanish which is hard, but i know the lord will bless us for our efforts. Nothing real exciting happens here in the ccm besides us learning more and more everyday. I love god. I know he lives. I can see his hand in my life so much already and I know as I keep working hard and doing my best to serve others the lord will bless me. I had  diarrhea all week, but its gone now. I'm getting used to the small food portions and I'm starting to already love the hispanic culture.

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